Reef Restoration

Introducing MARRS: The Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System

The Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System (MARRS) is a groundbreaking method developed over 15 years for large-scale reef restoration. It involves deploying hexagonal sand-coated steel structures called “Reef Stars” with coral fragments, creating a stable framework for thriving coral reefs. MARRS stabilizes coral rubble, promotes biodiversity, and aids rapid coral growth. It complements other restoration methods and is cost-effective for extensive restoration. MARRS encourages natural recruitment of diverse species and can enhance coastal protection. In short, MARRS uses Reef Stars and innovative techniques to restore marine ecosystems, offering a modular, cost-effective solution for preserving ocean biodiversity.

MARRS is a complete reef restoration system detailing and standardizing multi-year restoration projects:

Community Engagement

Reef Restoration - Reef Stars Production

Reef Star Production

Coral Tying

Building the Web

Reef Restoration - Maintenance


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