New Building Reef Stars in Lipah

We established our new organization by starting a new coral
restoration project using the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System
(MARRS) in Lipah in the east of Bali in May 2023. This project is part
of a semester long MARRS Competency Training Scholarship
supported by Mars Sustainable Solutions to students of the Faculty
of Fisheries and Marine Science at Udayana University for one
For the practical component of their training, the students installed
100 Reef Stars with 1,500 coral fragments at 5-6 meters depth. Local
community groups and divers were involved as well in tying corals
on the beach and building the Reef Stars underwater.
Maintenance is being performed by the students to ensure coral
growth, and ecological monitoring following MARRS SOP will be
conducted regularly. Monitoring is essential in order to understand
and evaluate the impact of any ecological.
Lipah is a famous snorkeling and diving destination for ocean lovers
in Bali and has been selected after a site assessment had been
carried out to select a suitable area for the Reef Stars.

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